Cleaner Lungs Dirtier Brain

by Monica Ex

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released June 7, 2015



all rights reserved


Monica Ex Massachusetts

I record confusing bedroom in my music. I music bedroom music in my confusing. In bedroom confusing I my music. In my music I record my bedroom.

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Track Name: No Thanks
is it a rumble or is it a dare
I don’t care I don’t want in

save up my life
save up the gull
I don’t want this
I’m just homesick

I’m alright
I didn’t need this on my plate
I’m gonna be fine
In time

is it a problem
or it might be a waste
I don’t care I’m gonna fix it anyway

I’m fine I’m stellar
while you come and
disturb the peace
of things

I’m stuck in the time it falls
planning it out how I’m gonna
keep it together x3

I was wrong we are little
Track Name: Secret Song
I’m tired of casual friends
I want a best friend
don’t want you to touch me
But I want you to feel me
I don’t want your critique
Just need you to love me
Don’t be smart
Or wise
Or conquer me
Just set yourself down
Cause you’ve let me down
Just set yourself down
Track Name: Evicted From My Body
my stomach doesn’t work
my nerves are overworked
I cannot handle this workload

everything kind of hurts
nothing around here works
I don’t know when you’ll be seeing me next

if you could see me now I wouldn’t want you to
It’s all just too much work I’m fragile I’m coming to my end
Track Name: Gender Queery
every look is a bastardization of
what I wanted for myself
cause I’ll never fill in that suit, no
and I’ll fill in that shirt way too much
believe me
I’m not fibbing
I don’t care what your god says
I don’t care what your law says
it’s not mine
I don’t care that it’s awkward
I don’t care that you’re upset
It’s my life
cause I’ll never fill in that suit, no
and I’ll fill in that shirt way too much
My looks don’t match my description
But can’t you be a better person